School in special measure

Being in Special Measures, the Ofsted judgement below Requires Improvement and the one that basically means there is no hope of redemption is often seen as an utter disaster. However, we have thought about this and here are five ways being in Special Measures is good for you.

1. You will lose a lot of weight.

Either you are going to be too busy to eat or too sick with fear. Either way significant weight loss is on the horizon.

2. It’s an excellent time to sharpen up your CV.

Have you thought about looking for a new job, or are trying to persuade management that you should keep yours? Then being in Special Measures is an ideal time to polish up you CV and brush up on interview skills.

3. TES subscriptions go up.

Alright, this one is only really good for The Times Educational Supplement, but a rising tide floats all ships right? You are going to become really familiar with the message boards, forums, resource banks and job sections of this terrific paper.

4. There are shortly going to be a lot of management jobs going.

Ever fancied a move into the upper echelons? Well, there are shortly going to be some jobs going. See point 2.

5. You are going to become a better teacher.

All the things that you did as an NQT, planning lessons, marking work, challenging students, being excited about working with sharp interesting minds. All this is going to happen again. You are going to relearn how to be the teacher you always wanted to be, dreamed of being or thought you were.

You are going to become intimately acquainted with differentiation, AfL, Behaviour for Learning and how to demonstrate the progress of your students.

This is a good thing.

It won’t feel like it for a very long time, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end. You are going to be a better teacher, your school is going to be a a better school and the children are going to get a better education.

And anyone who says that this is not a good thing, frankly shouldn’t be in the classroom at all.

Well, that’s our list of why being in Special Measures is good for you. Let us know what you list is, or what you think of this one by commenting below.


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