If you want a ring thrown into a volcano then there is no doubt that Frodo Baggins is your Hobbit. But if you want some of the best advice and strategies for running and managing your website, then 19 year Daniel Sharkov is your man.

It’s not usual for Edubabble to review a person, not usual at all, but Daniel’s site reviewzntips.com is simply one of the Internet’s best resources for running your social media campaigns. And that is true whether you are blogging about your kid’s first steps or are in charge of running your school’s new media platforms.

It’s the broadness of the site that holds the most appeal. Today’s front page for example has articles on what a Hashtag is, 5 Super Simple Ways to Move Your Blog a Step ForwardA “Secret” Productivity Weapon Every Part-time Blogger Should Use4 Keys to a More Productive Blogging and Marketing Workday6 Random Tips for the Most Popular Social Platforms Right Now and 7 Random CSS Bits to Help You Improve Your Blog’s Layout all written by Daniel himself. 

The site itself is split into six useful sections, Blogging, Social Media, Traffic Generation, Monetization, Infographics and a dedicated WordPress area. Each page is beautifully laid out using the WordPress Genesis theme, meaning that everything that Daniel is writing about he has clearly tried and implemented on his own site. The internet is full of opinions but genuine experts are hard to find. He is clearly one.

Daniel has over 64,000 Twitter followers at the time of writing and signing up for his Twitter feed is simply the best way to make sure you get the latest article from him. You can find him here @DanielSharkov. He’s our most re-tweeted person and the one place we go to first to answer a question about running this sort of site.

You can find out more about Daniel here, but you should visit his site regularly and certainly fold it into your workflow as part of regularly updating your online skills.

You’ll have a better site as a result, a better blog and a better social media strategy. Have fun!



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