Teaching is one of the most fun and noble careers one could have. They have the power to influence and touch students’ lives profoundly.

In this guide you’ll learn why teachers are more important than ever and how to start your teaching career.

Why Start A Teaching Career?

In the United States, the demand for teachers is skyrocketing. For instance, in California alone, teacher vacancies currently clocks at over 14,000 positions. According to reports, the figures are set to grow in the forthcoming school years. Considering this, experts see a noticeable increase, with 19% in the post-secondary department and 17% for preschool.

With more job openings in specific subject areas, there is no question that the country needs better teachers. Teachers with specialization in particular subject areas such as ESL, STEM, and special needs education are in high demand. Wondering where to practice your teaching career? See teacher shortage statistics for top five states below.

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