This wonderful book is part of the superb Pocket Book series that are so useful to teachers at all levels that they should be handed out along with board pens and Valium.

This sort of book often suffers from being too heavy on theory or intellectually lightweight but, in this case, author Gordon Pope seems to have pulled off the enviable trick of balancing both. The result is a book that you could dip into or read from cover to cover. A book that you could use as a source for a Master’s essay or keep under the desk so that you can frantically flick through it when 8J3 are looking blank.

Questioning techniques

The 119 pages are split into six sections; raising questions, the questioning environment, framing questions, delivering the question, responding to the answer and improving your practice. Each chapter is full of bullet pointed strategies that you could immediately apply in the class room.  The true value of this series is that you can open the book at random and find something that you could use tomorrow in your classroom.

You should buy this and then you should look at the rest of the series with a very close eye.


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